• Network Status

    July 21, 2024 11:27 am

    If you believe that you are having issues with your internet service, please feel free to contact us via SMS, web chat, email or phone.

  • Does Your TV Stream Buffer?

    Yes, all TV streaming services experience buffering. It happens because the stream needs to download a certain amount of video data (buffer) before it can play smoothly. Here are some ways to improve buffering on your TV streaming:

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  • Staying Safe on the Internet

    Staying Safe on the Internet

    Staying safe on the internet involves a combination of good practices and awareness of potential threats. Here are some comprehensive suggestions for ensuring your online safety: Personal Information Protection Secure Browsing Software and Devices Email and Communication Social Media General Practices For Children and Teens Using Secure Connections Device Security…

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  • Why Choose Fixed Wireless?

    Why Choose Fixed Wireless?

    Fixed wireless internet (FWA) has many advantages, including: FWA can also be a good backup internet option for homes or businesses with wired internet. However, similar to satellite, FWA requires a clear line of sight to a tower, and weather can reduce the consistency of the connection.

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  • What is the difference between ‘speed’ and ‘bandwidth’?

    What is the difference between ‘speed’ and ‘bandwidth’?

    Speed and bandwidth are related concepts, but they refer to different aspects of data transmission and can be easily confused. Here’s the difference between the two: In essence, speed is about how quickly data is transferred, while bandwidth is about how much data can be transferred at once. A network…

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