Does Your TV Stream Buffer?

Yes, all TV streaming services experience buffering. It happens because the stream needs to download a certain amount of video data (buffer) before it can play smoothly.

Here are some ways to improve buffering on your TV streaming:

  • Check your internet speed: This is the most common culprit. Streaming services recommend a minimum internet speed for smooth playback, usually around 25 Mbps. You can check your speed using various online tools.
  • Use a wired connection: A wired ethernet connection directly to your device is always faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi.
  • Reduce Wi-Fi congestion: If you must use Wi-Fi, make sure there aren’t too many other devices using the network at the same time. Try turning off other devices or upgrading your router to handle more traffic.
  • Restart your devices: Sometimes a simple restart of your streaming device, router, and modem can clear up any temporary glitches.
  • Close unused apps: Background apps can eat up bandwidth, so close any you’re not actively using.
  • Adjust video quality: Many streaming services allow you to adjust the video quality. Lower quality videos require less data and may buffer less often.